26 Below

Northeast 26 Below 2024

High School, College, and Career Weekend Retreat



Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center
455 Camp Road
Stevens, PA 17578
United States


Price: $179 per person
Registration closes December 20, 2023

26 Below
Northeast 26 Below

For almost 20 years, CMML has hosted the Northeast 26 Below High School, College, and Career Winter Retreat. This year we moving to a new location: Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center in Stevens, Pennsylvania. The goal is to challenge the next generation in their walk with the Lord through powerful messages from God’s Word, interactive breakout sessions, and special opportunities to hear from missionaries serving all over the world. 

Who Can Attend?

26 Below is geared for young people in high school, college, and entering into their career up to about age 26. 

Under 18

Attendees must be at least 14 years old and in 9th grade to attend 26 Below. Anyone under 18 years of age may only attend as part of a youth group or with an adult leader over the age of 22 and must arrive and depart with an adult leader. No one under the age of 18 may be dropped off at the retreat by someone who is not attending. 

Youth Leaders

Youth leaders must be over 22 years old. Groups must provide a youth leader of the same gender for every EIGHT minors. Youth Leaders are responsible for the health, safety, obedience, attendance, and spiritual well-being of their youth group. 

Over 18

While this retreat is geared towards those age 26 and below, we do not have an upper age limit. We ask that those over 30 attend as youth leaders if possible. Attendees over 18 are responsible for themselves. This includes transportation, health and safety, and adherence to rules.

Retreat Activities
  • Messages from God’s Word

  • Breakout sessions

  • Indoor gymnasiums
  • Sports fields
  • Indoor climbing wall*
  • Ropes courses*
  • 5-star ziplines*
  • Escape rooms*

*additional fee

Arrival and Reminders
  • Arrival Time: Plan to arrive at Camp between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • Address: 455 Camp Rd, Stevens, PA 17578
  • Damage to Rooms & Property: You are responsible for damages made to Camp’s rooms or property while on the retreat and will be required to pay for any replacement or repair necessary.  All rooms are checked prior to arrival and before dismissal.  
What to Bring and What NOT to Bring
  • Rooming/Bedding: Each room sleeps 4-8 and has a private bath. Some beds are queen-sized, and some are bunk-style. Linens, pillows, and towels are NOT supplied. You will be given your rooming assignments upon arrival at Camp. If you indicated roommate requests on your Registration Form, we will do our best to make that happen.
  • What to Pack: Bible and notepad (pens provided); towels, pillows, and sleeping bag/bed linens; toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soap); clothing appropriate for outdoor activities.
  • Dress Code: Please use discretion when choosing your clothing. No pajamas in common areas, no boxers or underwear in view please, and have a shirt on at all times.
  • Prohibited Items:  Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or illegal items is prohibited. Violators are subject to immediate dismissal and forfeiture of fees.
Activities that Require Additional Fees

This activity must be done together and takes about 1-2 hours. Registering to participate in this activity will add the cost to your registration fee when you check out. If we do not reach a minimum of 30 participants, this activity will be canceled and fees refunded. The Flying V is a double zipline in a "v' formation covering a length of over 590 ft. You will cruise at an average speed of 25 mph. The Elevated Obstacle Course combines elements of fun and challenge, testing one's physical and mental strength. With two separate levels with a total of 33 obstacles, participants will have the choice to do the first level, ranging from 3-13 feet off the ground, and the opportunity to push it further and do the second level, ranging from 15-25 feet off the ground. With 33 challenging elements, this course is full of fun for all athletic abilities.

This activity must be done in groups of 10 and lasts one hour.  Registering to participate in this activity will add the cost to your registration fee when you check out. If we do not reach a minimum of 10 participants, this activity will be canceled, or the group can choose to pay a higher fee. A maximum of 6 groups of 10 (60 participants total) can participate. There are three Escape Room options: "On a Mission," "Funding the Dream," and "Circle T Ranch." 

This classic game of slinging an axe at wood targets never gets old. Refreshing Mountain has designed the lanes so you do not have to wait for other people to throw before you retrieve your axe, as the lanes are safely enclosed, allowing you to throw as you please. This experience is outdoors. Each experience lasts for 1 hour. A paying adult must sign up to participate with a group with minors. We must have 20 participants register or this activity will be canceled. Registering to participate in this activity will add the cost to your registration fee when you check out.

Got Questions?

Please call 732-449-8880. You can also email [email protected].