Missionary Prayer Handbook

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The Missionary Prayer Handbook is a vital tool for prayer and communication!

The 2024 Missionary Prayer Handbook lists more than 750 missionaries commended from the US and Canada, including 35 new missionaries! Each missionary listing includes a description of their ministries and contact information. 

The 2024 Missionary Prayer Handbook is available now!

In 2024, CMML will send one FREE copy of the 2024 Missionary Prayer Handbook to all donors who made a donation of any kind in 2023. Additional copies, and copies ordered apart from the special offer, may be purchased here. 

1-9 copies: $7.00 each
10-24 copies: $6.50 each
25+ copies: $6.00 each


Use the 2024 Missionary Prayer Handbook to pray daily for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to reach 31 of the most unreached people groups in our world. 

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The book is divided by geographic region, country, and missionary profile. Countries are listed alphabetically within their color-coded regions.
Each missionary profile contains contact and commendation information and a ministry description. When applicable, profiles also include family details.
Non-Traditional Ministry
"Refocused" includes senior workers who no longer serve on the foreign field but are still engaged in the Lord's work; "Other Overseas Service" lists missionaries who, because of special circumstances, spend only part of their time in their foreign country of service; and "Cross-Cultural Ministries in the US and Canada" includes missionaries who serve full-time among distinct foreign or aboriginal people groups.
Content Pairing
Missions magazine’s “Connections” section correlates to the MPH, so you can read recent updates from missionaries to inform your daily prayer. New missionary additions and other updates to the MPH are published in the “Keeping in Touch” section of Missions magazine.
About the Missionary Prayer Handbook