Our Mission

Advancing the spread of the Gospel globally through:

Engaged Senders

To support local New Testament assemblies in the US as they assess, prepare, commend, support, and oversee their missionaries

Enabled Servants

To provide strategic and practical services that enable missionaries to fulfill the work to which they are commended

Enthusiastic Supporters

To encourage informed and enthusiastic participation of all generations in global missions

Serving US assemblies and their missionaries

Who We Are
CMML Together

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc. (CMML) was established in 1921 as a nonprofit, faith-based service organization to serve US missionaries serving in cross-cultural missions overseas. 

Since 1921, CMML has partnered with you and your local assembly to advance the spread of the Gospel globally through engaged senders, enabled servants, and enthusiastic supporters. Together, our goal is to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. So let’s pray, let’s go, and let’s serve, together.

700+ Missionaries. 80+ Countries. One Mission.

Who We Are

CMML serves missionaries who are commended by local churches that the US government designates as Plymouth Brethren. Their work is diverse, but their mission is the same: to reach the world for Christ. 

These missionaries are called by the Lord and are commended (sent) by local churches, and they practice faith-based missions, meaning they look to the Lord alone for direction and to supply their financial needs, without contractual links to any agency.

Advancing the spread of the Gospel globally

Who We Are
A Missionary Service Organization

As a missionary service organization, CMML assists both missionaries serving on the foreign field and their assemblies at home in areas they could not manage alone. CMML serves by facilitating prayer for missionaries; forwarding unsolicited, free-will gifts to them; and sharing information concerning their activities with supporters. As a service organization, CMML does not send or superintend missionaries but simply serves them.


Rekindle | Equip | Inspire.

Who We Are
Celebrating 100 Years of Service

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we desire to recall our missions heritage and rekindle our forerunners' gospel zeal. We desire to reiterate CMML's commitment to worldwide missions through evangelism, discipleship, and church planting by educating to equip those who will send and those who will go out. And we desire to share stories that inspire a new generation to put their hands to the work. 

The harvest is still plentiful. Join us!