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One retreat in three regions.




Speculator, New York



Hidden Acres Christian Center

Dayton, Iowa



Look Up Lodge

Travelers Rest, South Carolina

What is 26 Below?

26 Below is a winter youth retreat for young people in high school, college, or in a career up to approximately age 26. Prepare to be challenged in your walk with the Lord through powerful messages from God’s Word, interactive breakout sessions, and special opportunities to hear from missionaries serving all over the world. Prepare to have lots of fun too!

About 26 Below
Retreat Activities

- Messages from God’s Word

- Breakout sessions

- Group singing

- Winter activities

- Indoor gymnasiums

- Team games

- Prayer gatherings

Age Range

- If you are under 18 years of age you may only attend as part of a youth group or with an adult leader over the age of 22. 

- You must be 14 years old and in High School.

- If you are over 26 years old we still welcome.

- If you are over 30 years of age we suggest you attend as a chaperone.

Cost Includes

- Lodging

- Meals

- Meetings

- Snacks

- Camp activities

26 Below

Get a glimpse into our original 26 Below Retreat at Camp-of-the-Woods in Speculator, New York.

26 Below

Learn what happens at our largest 26 Below retreat held at Hidden Acres Christian Center in Dayton, Iowa.

26 Below

Check out our newest 26 Below Retreat location at Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, South Carolina!