The CMML Staff Answers Frequently Asked Questions!

Watch this video or read answers to many frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Operating Expenses met for CMML each month if 100% of gifts sent to CMML are forwarded to the missionary?

CMML is a ministry of faith and we rely on the Lord to meet the Operating Expenses that are necessary to fund the office and Missionary Guest Home. We are thankful that these funds are provided through the generosity of the Lord’s people as they suggest part or their entire gift be used to help defray Operating Expenses.

Funds to meet CMML’s operating expenses each month come from three sources:
1. Gifts from donor’s specifically designated for operating expenses.
2. Funds left to CMML by individuals who designate CMML as a beneficiary in their will or estate.
3. Income from investments.

Can I specifically “designate” a gift to go to an individual missionary?

We appreciate when a donor includes a “suggestion” as to how they would like their gift to be used. Since the Internal Revenue Service requires that the directors of a non-profit organization like CMML have the responsibility for determining how to distribute gifts that are received, a specific “designation” made by a donor cannot be guaranteed. However, a “suggestion” for the use of a gift is most helpful as the directors make these important decisions.

Can I give to more than one missionary on one check?

Yes! You can give to multiple missionaries and associated ministries all on one check. Please list the full names of the missionaries (including spouses) in alphabetical order by last name if possible.

I don't see a missionary's name online but they are listed in the Missionary Prayer Handbook. Can I still give to them online?

Some missionaries have chosen to not list their names online for security reasons or otherwise. However, you may suggest a gift to any living, active missionary listed in the latest version of the Missionary Prayer Handbook by giving online to "CMML Operating Expense" and listing the missionary's name in the "Notes" section of the gift. 

What happens when I give a gift to CMML designated to someone you don't serve?

If you designate funds toward someone CMML does not serve, you will be contacted by someone at CMML.