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1921 - 2023

A Century of Faith, Love, and Sacrifice

Compelled: A Century of Faith, Love, and Sacrifice is a 20-minute journey focused on God’s faithfulness over CMML’s 100 years of serving US assemblies and their missionaries.

God uses the faithful few who have followed His call to serve in His harvest. This video is only a sample of the many stories of those who followed their Savior—some to their deaths. Even if we told them all, the message would be the same: God is faithful to His mission of building His church.

May these stories fuel our faith; may the love of Christ compel us; may our lives be marked by sacrifice—all for the glory of Christ.

The Early Years 1894-1970

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Ltd. - 1921
CMML, Ltd. was established as a nonprofit, faith-based missionary service organization to serve those who were commended by Plymouth Brethren assemblies for the purpose of providing a recognized legal entity to fulfil the requirements of worldwide governments.
Voices from the Vineyard - 1904
Founded by Captain L.A. Steen and R.J. MacLachan in the Bronx in New York City, New York in 1904. Over the years it developed into a quarterly, free-subscription magazine with a circulation of 14,000 copies and a means to transmit funds to support the missionaries who were featured in the magazine.
Hasse House
Julia Hasse Memorial Missionary Home - 1929
Dedicated in memory of missionary Julia Hasse-Dibble, and her still-born daughter, who both died in Nigeria in 1927. The home provided accommodations for missionaries in transit. The location moved over the years between Jersey City and Union City in New Jersey.
The Fields - 1938
The Fields' objective was to publish a monthly subscription magazine containing assembly-mission-related articles in addition to excerpts of missionaries ' letters and news items. They also provided a way to transmit funds to missionaries from the believers and assemblies at home. The Fields office in Manhattan eventually also included the "Missionary Clothing Center.”
How It Began


First missionaries from the USA

Our roots go back to 1894 when Thomas Melville, Eliza Logan, and Eliza Lennox, with her 12-year-old daughter, Clara, were commended by assemblies in Boston, Buffalo, and New York City respectively to join a team of British missionaries in China. 



Around the same time, in 1892, George and Elisabeth Murrain were commended to Angola from British Guyana. At some point later, they were also commended by Grace Gospel Chapel in Brooklyn, New York. CMML served the Murrain family for decades. They are possibly the first Black missionaries to Africa.


Richard Hill
Training School for Missionaries
In 1917 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill began the Training School for Missionaries. The school only lasted 10 years but it became a training ground and launch pad for many missionaries.
The Sea Cliff Bible and Missions Conferences
In the summer of 1920, Richard Hill sponsored the 15-day Sea Cliff Bible and Missions Conference on Long Island, New York. For a decade this conference became the much-prayed-for catalyst for revival, renewal, and gospel-zeal among the assemblies with the goal: “Christ made real.”
Anne Jacobsen
Anne Jacobsen Clothing Center
In 1954, Anne Jacobsen, and other interested women in the Yonkers, New York area, felt burdened to provide gently used and new clothing and accessories to the Lord’s servants who were either going to or coming from, overseas service. The ministry began in the Jacobsen's home.
Missionary Prayer Meetings
In the 1930s a number of missions-focused prayer meetings began to spring up across North America. These prayer meetings, along with a large number of "sisters sewing circles" focused on providing practical projects, prayers, and gifts to missionaries, became fuel for missionary zeal throughout the North American assembly movement. By the 1960s almost every major city and/or grouping of assemblies hosted a Missionary Prayer Meeting in their region. The New Jersey Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting remains a fixture in CMML activity today.
Early Missions Initiatives

In the early 1900's, as American assemblies became more aware of the needs abroad, several missions-focused initiatives began and impacted the formation of CMML

The Merger 1971


In 1971, Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc. was organized as a merger of four missionary service groups
to more efficiently assist the entire assembly missionary effort.

The Growing Years 1972-2020

Guest Home
CMML Missionary Guest Home
In 1972, CMML purchased the CMML Guest Home located in Wall Township, New Jersey included accommodations for the office, a clothing center, and rooms and apartments for missionaries. This property remains the headquarters for CMML, Inc. to this day.
Clothing Center
For more than 60 years the CMML Clothing Center has provided new toiletries and new and gently used clothing and accessories, free of charge, to commended workers and missionaries. Clothing, as well as funds to purchase clothing and other necessary items, is donated from people throughout the United States. Organized and maintained by volunteer help, the Clothing Center continues to be a blessing to the Lord’s servants throughout the world.
Missions Magazine
Missions magazine launched, in July 1971, as the official missionary publication for the North American assemblies.
Missionary Prayer Handbook
While Voices from the Vineyard regularly published a "Missionary Calendar" featuring missioanries from the whole English-speaking world, The Fields published the first "Missionary Prayer Handbook," featuring only missionaries served by CMML in North America, in 1967. This vital prayer tool continues to be published annually today.
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Conference Ministry
On November 20, 1972, CMML held the first annual Fall Conference at Kenilworth Gospel Chapel in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The conference later convened at Wall High School, Lincroft Bible Church, and in 2020, virtually. Regional and youth conferences also began to be held at the invitation of assemblies throughout the country. The purpose of these conferences is to encourage and stimulate zeal for evangelism at home and abroad.
Missions Orientation Program
In 1992, CMML and MSC Canada commenced an annual Missions Orientation Program (now Missions Orientation Program) with the goal of preparing out-going workers for missionary service. It has received an enthusiastic response from the attendees and continues to be well-attended to this day.
CMML, Inc.

The merger of the four organizations prompted a number of new initiatives to help grow and encourage the US assembly missionary movement and to support the workers on the field.



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The work paid off! In 1967, CMML served 500 workers in 57 countries. By 2005, CMML was serving 731 missionaries in more than 70 countries!


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