Engaged Senders

CMML supports local, New Testament assemblies in the US as they assess, prepare, commend, support, and oversee their missionaries.

commendation support
Commendation Support
We send representatives to meet with leadership and the commended missionary to open up lines of communication, explain CMML's services, answer questions, and help them understand biblical and practical roles and responsibilities.
Regular Communication
We are always available for questions, counsel, and support. We also seek to be a network that connects and informs assemblies, elders, and missionaries.
Legal Guidance
We provide legal advice, letters of guarantee, and emergency repatriation. We are recognized by the US government as a primary point of contact for the missionaries we serve.
misisons info
Missions Information
We are a source of information regarding all things missions.
How We Help

CMML seeks to serve assemblies and elders as they commend and support missionaries in the Lord’s work.