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Zito, Christopher & Virginie

Local church: (Chris) eldership, teaching/preaching/discipleship, locally and nationally; (Virginie) Woman's ministry, discipleship, evangelism
(Chris) Theological education
author, lecturer
Online teaching Ministry
Relief Ministry
Nathanael 19
Melissa 17
Rutherford Bible Chapel, Rutherford, NJ in 2004
Mailing Address
Viale Giuseppe Verdi, 32
01036 Nepi (Viterbo)
Cell Phone
+39 347-677-6800

Zito Family Ministry In Italy

Chris and Virginie have been serving in Italy as CMML commended missionaries since 2004, although they actually served there for about ten years previous to their commendation (but that's another story). Chris is an elder, preacher/teacher at Chiesa cristiana evangelica Monterosi, about 20 miles north of Rome. Virginie is very active in discipleship, evangelism, and woman's ministry, often travelling long distances to do the Lord's work. Chris has a Ph.D. in Theology, which he puts to use in formal theological education, teaching systematic theology, hermeneutics, and occultism and the spirit world at a Bible college in Rome (Istituto Biblico Evangelico Italiano or IBEI), as well as lecturing in a yearly biblical hermeneutic seminar, and other. He also publishes books and articles, and is on the board of editors of the Bible college's theological journal, Lux Biblica. Chris preaches/teaches weekly in an online ministry called Cristiani online, and has other itinerant preaching/teaching ministries throughout Italy, as well as being closely connected to a gospel-based relief ministry in Europe (Eastern and Western) and Africa, called Salvati per servire. Chris and Virginie are also waiting on the Lord to see if He might open a door for them in the Balkans, where they have already done some ministry in the past, and for which they have a burden. Whenever on furlough, they have a special heart for fellowshipping and partnering in ministry with a group of New Jersey chapels. Our two teenagers are homeschooled, entering their last year of High School.

Occultism, The Spirit World, and Spiritual Warfare

A series of four lectures given over two Saturdays at Cedarcroft Bible Chapel in South Plainfield, NJ in June 2023. The topics covered were Occultism in the world today (a brief overview of the occult); the occult spirit behind the fallen world; the spirit realm (gods, demons, etc.); the occult and the church's spiritual warfare.