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Mattix, Jesse & Janel

Teaching and Discipleship - Small Bible School
Teaching at local assembly and conferences
Fionna 20
Isaac 19
Northgate Gospel Chapel, Seattle, WA, United States in 2004
Mailing Address
Jesse and Janel Mattix
14078 Fisk Rd
Yakima, WA 98908

About Us

Jesse: Born in Bolivia to a missionary family. At the point of college he attended Emmaus Bible College and received a BA in Bible. Due to extended family, Seattle became the drawing point for church and work. Seattle was also where he met Janel Smith at Hope Bible Fellowship. Janel: Born in Seattle to a Christian family. For 2 years she was packed off to Egypt as her parents were involved with BSF. Though not particularly thrilled with this, it was an instructive two years. Retuning to College she graduated from the UW with a BA in accounting. She made a turn in her spiritual life and became involved with Hope Bible Fellowship. Marriage included a pre agreement to missionary service in Bolivia. Janel had to do language school before moving to Bolivia. Jesse and Janel served at the Facultad Biblica in Camiri alongside Jesse's parents. Kids were added to the family and grew up at the farm property. At the 11 year mark after many adventures and some difficulty they transitioned their roles in the Bible School to nationals and returned to the US indefinitely. The ministry in Camiri continues to function preparing young people with Biblical knowledge, character development and ministry in the local assemblies. Returning to the US took them thru different ministries. It also coincided with Janel's mother passing away, so it was a good time to grieve with the family. Eventually, and still unsettled, the family spent a year at Lakeside Bible Camp. As the opportunity to serve in Peru came up, the attraction was discipleship, teaching in churches and starting a Bible School similar to Bolivia.

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