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Schulz, Jurgen & Wendy

Bible teaching
Prison ministry
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Jurgen is commended from Assemblies in Victoria, B.C. and Courtenay, B.C. He has been serving in Bolivia since 1977. Wendy and Jurgen were married in 1982 and Wendy was commended by her assembly in Courtenay, B.C. Jurgen and Wendy have been involved in planting assemblies in the cities of Santa Cruz and Potosí. They also helped start a Christian school in the city of Potosí. They are currently working in the city of La Paz, where Jurgen teaches in a Bible institute and ministers the Word in the area of La Paz and in numerous places throughout Bolivia. Wendy is actively involved in a prison ministry. She seeks to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with inmates in the area of La Paz and elsewhere in the country.