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Dick and Nita Papworth 2023

Papworth, Richard & Nita

Evangelism and discipleship among one of the least-reached and most spiritually-responsive people groups in the world
using satellite and internet radio
social media
mobile apps
and follow-up
Lombard Gospel Chapel, Lombard, IL in 1973
Westside Bible Fellowship, Hillsboro, OR in 2000

About Us

Dick and Nita have been reaching out to one of the most unreached people groups in the world for more than 50 years. The area where this people group resides is closed to missionaries. However, Dick and Nita and their team of national Christian believers have been using a variety of cutting-edge media to evangelize and disciple this people group which, remarkably, has also been one of the most responsive to the Gospel in the entire world as hundreds of thousands have come to faith in Jesus Christ. In 1973, Lombard Gospel Chapel (Illinois) commended Dick and Nita to the Lord for this ministry. In 2000, Westside Bible Fellowship (Oregon) added their commendation. Dick and Nita are now considered "refocused" as Dick has turned over the leadership of the ministry to others on the team so that the ministry will continue and even grow in the will of the Lord.