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Loudon family: Angela, Bill and Cedric

Loudon, Bill & Angela

Online Bible Studies
Church Planting
Cedric Thomas 12
Westminster Bible Chapel, Westminster, CA in 2009
Mount Bible Chapel, Tauranga, New Zealand in 2020
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+57 300 7338029
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+57 304 4236627
La Calera,

About Us

Colombia has been a part of our lives since childhood! Both of our parents were missionaries in different parts of the country and we grew to love the land and the people during our childhood years. In our teens we each returned to our parents' homelands: Bill to Detroit, MI and Angela to New Zealand/California where we completed our education and worked in our professions for several years. Separately we each arrived to teach at El Camino Academy in Bogota where we met and decided to marry. Our son, Cedric, was born 12 years later.

Over the years our focus has been primarily the field of education. First in teaching academic subjects to high school students and later teaching Bible and Theology classes to believers in the city of Bogota.

Our current focus is working with a new church called "Family Church" in the rural town of La Calera. We are involved in teaching, discipleship, youth ministry and friendship evangelism. As we are able we also use our home to host full-time workers from Bogota in need of a rest from the city.

Feel free to send us text messages via WhatsApp (cellphone app) at the numbers listed above.