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church planting among youth and Venezuelan immigrants in unconventional contexts
Lone Star Bible Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States in 2014
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By the grace of God Alejandra and Sam have been able to see that all 4 churches that they have been involved in starting have grown and matured and continue to gather every week to remember and worship the Savior and learn from God's Word. Even though the first and second of these churches (Aposento Alto in San Jose and Parkway Church in Bogota) don't require as much of Sam and Alejandra's direct participation and financial support - they still visit Parkway Church about once a month and remain connected and interdependent with this body of believers.

The Refuge Church in Cucuta requires a lot of financial support as the members who are Venezuelan immigrants struggle tremendously to just get by in their everyday lives. Also, there are not as many leaders in this congregation with a lot of experience - but it's a miracle that this group continues to gather together and grow. Often Alejandra and Sam support capable friends from Duitama Church to go to Cucuta and spend 2 months at a time helping out this congregation with its teaching and discipleship. Also, they pay the rent for an apartment there, as well as the hourly rate of renting a restaurant that the church gathers at on Sunday. 

The Duitama church has sprung to life in this past year, and it's amazing to see how much it has grown, to the extent that it now rents two buildings and has multiple meetings each week. 

Alejandra and Sam continue to help a lot of Venezuelan immigrants on a spontaneously regular basis (a little oxymoronic, I know, but you get the idea), and host missions teams as well as participate in camps and conferences in Colombia.

One of the main goals this next year is to help a friend who just graduated from seminary here in Colombia be able to work full time among the 3 churches of Duitama, Cucuta, and Bogota. Hopefully, if another friend who is currently doing an internship in the States comes back to Colombia - maybe Sam and Alejandra could even be involved in the process of starting a 5th church with him.


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