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Sam and Alejandra

Killins, Sam & Alejandra

church planting among youth and Venezuelan immigrants in unconventional contexts
Lone Star Bible Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States in 2014
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71 Crescent St.
Newnan, GA 30265 USA
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Sam and Alejandra are working among Colombian youth and Venezuelan immigrants, holistically planting and leading Christ-centered Bible-believing churches. 

...A well established church that Sam was a part of starting 5 years ago in mid-town Bogotá has reproduced 3 new congregations that are each made up of a high percentage of Venezuelan immigrants. Sam and Alejandra's main focus right now is in Colombia's main border city with Venezuela known as Cúcuta... Working and walking with Venezuelan street vendors/musicians in this city not only consists of teaching them the Word and in meeting with them regularly to remember Jesus; but also in helping them improve their informal business strategies, and ocassionally contributing towards their housing and nutritional needs, without becoming paternalistic. 

In the midst of many Venezuelans' desperation and hope for change, they are excited to hear about Jesus, and become a part of a loving community that believes in the outlandish claims of Christ in the Scriptures.


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