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Walt, Scott & Leslie

Training Austrians in ministry leadership
Supporting and mentoring new assemblies
Spring Mountain Bible Church, Portland, OR in 1988
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Seeligerstrasse 6
A-2511 Pfaffstaetten AUSTRIA
Lower Austria,

About Us

Scott grew up at Eastgate Bible Chapel in Portland, Oregon. Leslie, the daughter of a pastor of a small rural community church, joined Eastgate while she was attending nurses training in Portland. They married in May 1980. Scott completed his training as a doctor of Optometry in 1982 and went into practice with his father. Three boys Michael, David and John, were added to their family in 1981, 1984 and 1986. During this time they did two short term missions trips to Peru to work with Bert and Colleen Elliot doing eye exams and other medical work in various parts of the country. Shortly after their second trip they felt God's calling on their lives to serve him full time in missions. Sensing a call to serve through preaching, teaching and training rather than medical work, they joined Floyd and Christine Schneider in Austria in 1988 where they have been serving ever since. The Walts adopted their daughter Elisa from Romania in 1990 at the age of 8 months. After many years of evangelistic Bible studies and outreach, the Walts have been focusing the past 20 years on training young people in their assembly in leadership and various areas of ministry. Many of these young people have gone out to serve in other churches and ministries. In the past 10 years Scott has been teaching, training and mentoring elders, pastors and leaders in Austria and other European countries. Scott and Leslie along with their four children have added three daughters-in-law to their family and since 2009 they have been blessed with 8 grandchildren.

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