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Gelling, Henk

Marriage counseling
Bible studies
Fellowship, Clinton, ON, Canada in 1900
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3530 Houthalen, BELGIUM
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We were farmers in Clinton and looking to become rich, until we were both saved around Easter 1970. Richard Haverkamp suggested we come over to help in Belgium. After some struggles we came to Belgium for three years in 1975.In 1978 there were two small assemblies started. Richard and Marina had moved 100 miles to another area to plant asemblies there. We prayed and asked our elders for insight, we returned to Belgium and sold our farm two years later. We have been here for 36 years now, we trust the Lord will continue to use us.There are now 12 assemblies in our immediate area, we do all we can to see them grow in the Lord. John our oldest son is married to Yoko, the have a daughter Haily, 12 years old and are expecting a son in August. They are involved in Sunday school, John sings in a praisegroup and takes his turn at chairing the meeting on Sunday and leading the prayer meeting. Julie works as executive secretary at the Evangelcal Theological Faculty in Leuven and is busy with a lot of other things, mainly youth leading. Julie is still single. Joy is married to Johan, they have three children, Nevan is 13 and he is in the first year of highschool. Lani is almost 11 and going into the last year of elimentary school. They both went to Christian school but highschool will be different for them. Dillon is a happy 4 year old,they all enjoy coming to the assembly. Johan and Joy do a lot of counseling, they have a way of picking up young people who have been away from the Lord. We are happy to serve the Lord together in Belgium

(via Henk Gelling, October 23) Beryl passed away peacefully in the night. She is now with our Heavenly Father where she has no more struggles. We are so grateful for the last few weeks we had with her. It felt like a “bubble of grace.” The Lord indeed raised her up for a while (James 5:15) and now she has been raised up for eternity. We are thankful for your prayers. She felt a divine peace and felt carried by the prayers of saints. We are having the funeral on October 30 at 8 o’clock Canadian time. Here is the link to watch the funeral.