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Hinnenthal, Dirk & Milca

Christian textbook translation
Visiting assemblies in the region
Sophia 17
Comunidad de Amor, Houston, Texas in 2013
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Roger Balet 296
70000 Colonia
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598-4524 1038
Colonia del Sacramento,

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Years and Years. It used to sound utopic when servants of God reported about their decades of experience, in multiple locations over the continents. Well, not anymore, since both Milca and I are now fifty years of age and have shared the last third of those in marriage. It began in Uruguay, Milca´s home country and my first station of service overseas. From 1994 through 2001 the Lord gave me not only a wonderful wife and our first two children Lynda and Rudi, but also important time for apprenticeship. Shortly after 9-11 we went to the United States to be part of a striving immigrant assembly in Houston. Bible College and Seminary provided me with tools for the ministry. God also gave us Sophia, the child of our olden days, in 2007. In 2008 an assembly in Houston called on us and we saw God´s plan unfold for the next five years of service among brethren from Mexico, Central and South America. Then in 2013 we were commended by Comunidad de Amor to the Lord´s work in Argentina. We stayed to serve there for almost three years in the province of Entre Rìos and have now relocated in Uruguay, Milca´s home country. In the historical tourist town of Colonia we have opportunities to serve a rather cosmopolitan audience, besides the local residents who have shown to be quite receptive to the Gospel, at least in comparison to the country´s general apathy, which makes us hopeful to minister the Word and good counsel from it.

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