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Eberhardt, Jerry

Assembly work
Jefferson Hills Bible Church, Clairton, PA, in 0001
Murraysville Bible Chapel, Murraysville, PA, in 0002
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Quartier St. Ferreol
84750 Viens
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Viens, France,

About Us

With Darla, my wife, and children, (Diane, 1964, Christopher, 1966, Stephen, 1967) we arrived in France on Dec 31, 1978 at 11:00 pm to start a new life in a different country. For the previous 11 years we had been in Morocco highly involved with the infant Moroccan house churches and reach out to Berbers and Arabs via discreet personal and friendship evangelism. The gov't put an end to all that however. It was a very hard blow, probably much more difficult for the children than us. However He is Lord overall and did not panic, even though we may have just a little! He sent us immediately to France. Quite an adventure! And He blessed! Good things happened: Young teenage friends got saved, youth groups (the kids had not had any of that before) super friendly French churches receiving us, contacts with Moroccans also, etc. Since all that we have ministered in 7 different aeas of the country and for the past 13 years here in SouthEastern France. Beautiful country but pretty dry spiritually. Gradually we became more involved with the struggling French churches and have been endeavoring to help a small assembly grow stonger. This has involved counseling of sorts, hospitality, visitation, lots of public ministry...in a word, Shepherding. Evangelism takes place on a personal level via friends, neighbors,the folks one meets, and more publicly via conferences, literature, Bible stands in open air markets films, etc. I became a widower in 2007.