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United States
We develop a passion for missions
Train young people to serve on the mission field
Equip students to adapt, communicate, and lead cross-culturally
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Dubuque, Iowa,

About Us

Emmaus Bible College was born on the mission field. It was the burden of R.E. Harlow that young people in North America study the Scriptures intensively in the context of New Testament principles to prepare them for missionary service. The rest… is history. More than 75 years later, Emmaus continues preparing young people for service at home and abroad. Hundreds of career missionaries and countless short-termers have been equipped at Emmaus. Now called the Intercultural Studies Program, the missions program at Emmaus prepares young people for cross-cultural service at home and abroad. The 4-year program includes a semester-long internship abroad mentored by veteran missionaries on the field. Interns devote themselves to language learning, researching the country and culture, and getting involved in ministry. This fund was created to encourage these mission field-bound students during their internship. Your contribution makes a difference in missions AND in the development of a young missionary apprentice. For further information, please contact Joel Hernandez at Emmaus Bible College.