Outing with both Yezidi and Afghan ladies
At Risk Women

At Risk Women of the Middle East

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This ministry aims to show Christ's love in practical ways to women battered by domestic abuse and regional strife in the Middle East. Since 2016 we have provided several young ladies a place to stay in Cyprus and scholarships to study at the local universities. We also help women who are fleeing life-threatening situation in their homes or countries. At this time the first group of 8 ladies from Iraq are finishing their studies and are moving on to careers in different places. Since January 2022 we have begun to help several ladies who are fleeing Afghanistan by enrolling them in a local university and providing them a place to stay. At this time we have 16 women who have come to Cyprus with this scholarship project. We hope to bring another 15 girls to the island in the Fall of 2022. Our hope and prayer is that by encountering the generous love of believers in this way and advancing their education they can become an example of Christ's transforming power in their society. 

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