Our Funds

Missionary Kid's Education Assistance Fund (MKEAF): This fund was established in 1968. Funds disbursed from this fund help defray the educational expenses of the missionaries' children through high school. While it does not meet the total educational costs, it has been a proven blessing to the Lord's servants. 

Widows and Refocused Missionaries (WARM): Disbursements from WARM are used to remember those who have returned from the mission field as widows or widowers, who have come home for reasons of health and/or age, or are retiring from foreign service.

Emergencies: CMML established an Emergency Fund to provide funds and assistance to a missionary when there is a need to evacuate from the field on short notice due to an emergency. 

Disasters: In the event of a natural disaster (i.e.: earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc.), or a man-made disaster (i.e.: wars in D.R. Congo) donors have designated monies to the Disaster Fund to provide immediate assistance for those in need.   CMML's disaster relief ministry focuses on disasters occurring outside the United States. Gifts for the needs in the U.S. are best handled directly with local churches or other Christian relief agencies.