Wilson, Kyle & Allison

Kyle & Allison Wilson
Mailing Address:
Apartado 47
Correos de Jinotepe
Carazo Nicaragua
Phone: 505-8880-4517
Carleton Gospel Hall, Vancouver, BC, Canada in 0002
Allison and I are thankful to be serving the Lord here in Nicaragua. We are committed to the furtherance of the gospel, discipling of new believers and the establishment of New Testament churches. We are currently working in a rural area called "El Valle" with the little assembly that was established just over 4 years ago. Our prayers are to see the assembly be raised up to function on it's own. We value your prayers as we continue to labour hoping to bring honour and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. In June, 2012 we became parents to a precious little girl (Annalise) and are excited about what the future holds for us.
Pray for the sick:
The assembly here in El Valle has been hit hard recently with a number of the believers experiencing health problems. Some of the sicknesses are common to the time of year with flu's and cold's going around among the children and some adults. We would value your prayers though for a few of the christians or contacts who have faced more serious challenges recently. Darwin is a brother in the assembly who is in the final stages of cancer. He is only 30 years old with a wife and two daughters. It has been heart-breaking to see his health decline at such a quick rate and to witness the pain and physical suffering he has been experiencing. We pray that throughout this trial honour will be brought to Christ and some blessing will be seen amidst the darkness of cancer. Lisette is a young lady with a tumour on her lymph node. She has recently undergone tests and the doctors are currently determining the best course of action. Yubeka is a young teenager who is only 16 years old. She recently gave birth to a little girl who had to undergo open heart surgery. It was done in the public hospital in managua and from what we understand the first open heart surgery performed, at that particular hospital, for a new born baby. There were many tense moments but the little girl has pulled through. They are back at home now recovering but we would especially ask you pray for Yubeka's salvation and for the continued good health of the baby. It has been a trial for the little church to see others suffering from sicknesses but through it all there will be valuable lessons that we are learning.