Sturm, Bradley & Lindsay

Bradley & Lindsay Sturm
McGrath, Alaska, United States
Children: Eaden Marie 15, Judah Lyon 14, Gabriel Michael 12, Titus Anton 10, Deacon Silus 8, Abram Russell 7, Matthias Daniel 5
Church planting, evangelistic Bible studies, discipleship, Shepherding
Mailing Address:
PO Box 328
McGrath, AK 99627
Cell: 907-574-0550
Forge Road Bible Chapel, Perry Hall, Maryland, USA in 2018

Brad and Lindsay, both raised in the suburbs of Chicago, married in June of 2002. Since then the Lord has blessed them with seven children. They both graduated from Moody Bible Institute. In 2006 they were sent to Costa Rica for 10 months of language training. They then moved to Central Mexico to work in the city of Morelia with CMML missionary families Norris, Clark, and Pillettes. In 2008 they moved to San Miguel de Allende where they served as a church planter until 2016. The Lord directed them to Baltimore, MD where they became part of the Forge Road Bible Chapel assembly. The Lord directed the assembly body, the elders, and the Sturms to the need in the Alaskan interior. Therefore, after much prayer and investigation, in 2018 FRBC commended the Sturms to the ministry in bush Alaska.

McGrath, Alaska, United States