Construction Project

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Construction Project


It will be a good opportunity for those people who would like to help in the following projects:

  1. Church widening construction
  2. Construct and build the concretion of the road
  3. Opportunities: Mission exposure, encouragement to the church community here; sharing of the gospel to the unbeliever construction workers, etc.


Start Date: 09/15/2021
Duration: Four months
Language: Tagalog and some English
Number of People Needed: 5-7
Team Supervisor: Foreman with construction knowledge and some experience
Travel Arrangements: The Person is the one to book and buy his return airfare ticket from Canada to Manila. We will pick them up at the airport - 4 hours of land travel. If quarantine is necessary, we could ask for information from this end as its policies keep changing. We should be informed of their itinerary.
Specific Requirements: Passport Vaccinations Visa Free for a period of up to 30 days of stay. This length of time may be extended once the visitor of Canada is in the Philippines but there is a fee to process it. However, soon they will need a travel authorization to enter the country known as the Philippines ETA. It might be better to secure a visa from Philippine Consulate in Toronto if he or she prefers to stay here for 4 months or so.
Accommodation and Transportation: Will be picked up from the airport and take on land travel from Manila airport and back Esperanza has a guest house for accommodations.

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Berana, Sonia