Special Areas

Language School Director in a Special Area


Help establish and develop a language school that teaches English and the local language for the purpose of seeing transformation happen in the workplace and community around. 


Main School Objectives:

- Receive, train, and equip disciple-makers in the workplace that can be launched into new cities.

- Create a model that can be replicated in other cities providing strategic access to new areas.

- Create Disciples of the locals teaching them to observe all that He has commanded. 


Main Job Objectives:

- Create and develop the academic side of the language school with curriculum, teaching methods, and teacher training.

- Develop and manage teachers and schedules.

- Work with marketing, and bookkeeping team to develop a profitable and reproducible business model (This is a FOR-PROFIT business).

- Help develop the company culture and make disciple-makers. 



- Located in a modern city of Central Asia. 

- There is a healthy church body to plug into that will provide great community and support. 


Time frame:

- Ideally to start by spring 2025. 



- It is preferred that the candidate would be commended to the work by their local assembly.

- This would ideally start as a volunteer position but could grow into a paid salary position as the business develops. 

- Housing and living expenses can be provided as needed. 



- Passionate commitment to Christ

- Local Assembly Commendation preferred

- Fluent in the English language.

- Knowledge of the Russian language is a big plus.

- Experience in teaching and education.

- Administration abilities. 


Contact Craig Fritchey at CMML ([email protected]) for more information and to connect with those engaged in this ministry.