CT News Feb-March 2023

February-March 2023

Dear praying family!

Please see lots of pictures blending family news and ministry activities here!

Many of you are aware of the ongoing saga of flooding in northern Peru! It all started with a sudden and heavy downpour early in March as the now infamous cyclone Yaku sat along the coast and kept steady precipitations that caused havoc all over the northern region.

For nearly two weeks, much of our city was without water which prompted us to step up and do water relief and share basic grocery items starting with believers in the outskirts of Trujillo. In the final analysis and as things are still developing in other parts, our city wasn’t badly affected. Our immediate state to the north and further, continue to see heavy rains that last for 10-11 hours at the time and as a result many have lost their homes, and the cities can’t have a break to rebuild and tackle things more systematically.

We almost feel bad that we are “having it easy” here in Trujillo compared to the brethren in the Piura region, and more specifically, the saints in Santa Rosa de Curvan (a group of churches we visited back in October 2022). You may review some pictures of that visit with those saints here). They have lost all their crops and are unable to get back to work because of unceasing rains. In that light, a group of us from the local assembly will be gathering as many nonperishables as we can to share with those saints sometime before Resurrection Sunday!

Though the flooding situation and its effects remain in our retina because of some saints we love dearly, these past couple of months we were so blessed as family to remain connected with mostly discipleship activities with the local assembly. We entreat you to click right away and see our gallery of pictures and witness firsthand the work of the Lord in the lives of our family and His people here in Trujillo. We’ve invested quite a bit of time to describe step by step, how things went in various ministry responsibilities. Click  here!

Prayer & Praise

·Thankful that our colaborers Jared and Claudia’s baby son Joshua is doing well and seems to be making great progress after his long awaited operation was finally completed. They are now back in town after a long while in Lima.

·Grateful that water has been completely restored in the city and even more grateful for the multiple opportunities we had to preach God’s Word. With many others still struggling north of us, we feel like we are on standby mode as there are reasonable indications that a new El Nino is approaching.  

·We have gotten a great momentum in our home Bible study and Sunday school as normal sessions have resumed. We delight to see new believers asking profound questions. Some of them are dealing with sequels of hard sinful experiences in the past. This has not stopped them from committing to get baptized. Praise the Lord for that!

·Pablo and Timothy, the two men in our household, celebrated their birthdays since our last update. Love the ring of those two names: like many say, every Paul should have his Timothy.

Coming up

April 6-8, important evangelistic events with the local church. We are inviting friends and neighbors to see and hear the message of the cross.  

April 7, traveling to bring some aid to the saints in the Piura region. This is the most battered region with rain and flooding in northern Peru. Many there lost all their crops and more. Dengue and malaria are currently sweeping through.

April 9, two new believers will be getting baptized. They both come from homes where their new personal faith in the Lord Jesus is not celebrated. Their testimony of salvation is tremendous… all for the glory of the Lord.

 April 22, our second oldest, Hannah Fe will be turning 18. Wow, an official adult!

April 24, crucial sessions to consider restarting a ministry for couples in the assembly.

May 1, aiming to finalize all logistics to resume the ministry in Menocucho using the completed first floor facility.


With much love in Him,


Pablo & Sarah CT