The Hinnenthals from Uruguay

Dear brethren in Christ,

We know the Lord blesses those who partake this way in missions in the world. Here in Colonia we would like to see the assembly become more mission-oriented too. It is a slow process; the Christians have been focused on the surrounding area only. That also has its good side as they are locally known, so we can always refer to them when someone asks with whom we are serving.

It was at a time last year when it pleased the Lord to send more people to our assembly, in the midst of a time where our possibilities were very limited due to Corona. One of these people is a 78 year-old man who then expressed his repentance in a public testimony. Unfortunately he is now scarcely seen in meetings. Another interesting case was a lady who spent 15 years in prison where she gave birth to two beautiful children who are now already adolescents. They started coming are still gathering with us, so please pray for Ivanna. Her life is challenging as it is hard to get work with her history. Her two children come to the adolescent group on Fridays. That day, and also Saturday mornings with the children, we make an evangelistic effort. Almost none of the kids are church-related. We invite their parents for special events, such as the end of the school year, and they respond as they see how their children enjoy the time at the activities. Those are special opportunities for sharing the Gospel, one evening eight people showed who had not been at any meeting before.

The five of us are well. Rudi had a scare when he was assaulted on the street. His phone and, interestingly, his Bible were taken away from him. Rudi started his second year of College and lives together with his older sister Lynda in the capital Montevideo. Milca sometimes feels affected by the many things brought to her in counseling. But we feel useful for His purposes, also on the visits outside of Colonia when helping in other assemblies. We were in San José, some 70 miles away. The national missionaries there always appreciate a visit. Next time there will be paint work to do at their Chapel. There are some other assemblies in the region that we get to visit and support.

Dirk is part of the faculty in a Bible Seminary which was founded by believers from Brethren Assemblies of different Latin American countries. It is good to experience how many students come together this way – almost 40 – and it is rewarding to offer Bible teaching to all of them despite the distance. Dirk taught, together with his colleague from Chile, an introduction to the historical books of the Old Testament. And, last not least, Dirk is continuously working in his translation ministry. The latest book project has just begun and should take until November. It is a blessing to be able to help provide good reading and studying materials here. In Uruguay things take much time. Just like the national missionaries, we too have to be patient as we long to see some of our Sunday School children come to Christ. Amongst personal acquaintance, there are often opportunities to give a testimony, yet people seem to be simply respectful, yet not quickened to respond. Well, we shall keep counting on the power of God’s Word and keep pursuing. We wish for you to experience spiritual prosperity in every sense at your Chapels as well as in your individual lives. Biblically such prosperity is seen as a result of closeness to God and His Word. That is what we strive for as we have entered our tenth year in South America.

Greeting warmly, yours in Christ,

Dirk and Milca Hinnenthal, with Lynda, Rudi and Sophia from Uruguay

P.S. We will be on furlough in the US from mid-December until February, visiting assemblies in Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, possibly elsewhere as well.

Hinnenthals Uruguay