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Multi-Language Media Ministry

JULY 2022 UPDATE: To the glory of God and by the mighty working of His Spirit, over the past 365 days, the KING of GLORY movie (now in 50 languages) has had more than 3.1 million views on our YouTube channel alone with an average view time of 42 minutes per click. Daily feedback reminds us that God is at work in minds and hearts, in individuals, families, and communities. Thank you for your part in what He is doing. For more info, see:

BACKSTORY: In 1981, Paul and Carol moved to the 94% Muslim nation of Senegal, West Africa, where they learned French and Wolof, raised their three children, and sowed gospel seed in the northern region of the country. Six years passed before they saw the first person turn to Christ. To the glory of God, today there is an indigenous body of believers who know and worship the true and living God and are reaching out in a variety of effective ways to their own people with Christ's love and truth. Beginning in 1992, Paul and a Muslim-background believer wrote and recorded and broadcast (on the national radio station) THE WAY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, a 100-program radio series in the Wolof language (Yoonu Njub) that tells the stories and message of the prophets according to the Bible (Luke 24:25-27). Today this chronological teaching series is broadcast in scores of languages around the world. Among Paul's other writings are ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE, a book designed to help Muslims and skeptics over their obstacles and into a clear understanding of the gospel, and KING OF GLORY, a chronological-gospel illustrated book, movie, and curriculum for all cultures and ages. The movie is in 60+ languages. www.king-of-glory.comĀ  Paul and Carol, now based in South Carolina, still make periodic trips to Senegal, but their primary ministry (through ROCK International) finds them working with hundreds of partners worldwide for the translation, production, and dissemination of multi-media multi-language gospel and discipleship tools through publishing, radio, websites, and social media. To freely access and download these resources, visit: or

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The Lord continues to expand the reach of the media ministry. After moving to Senegal in 1981, Carol and I had to wait seven years before we saw the first Muslim turn to Christ.